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Hair Company Boot Camp

Hair Company Boot Camp

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My hair and wig company boot camp will help you identify the reasons you aren't making consistent sales in your business and offer you solutions so that after this week you'll see instant changes! 

The Hair Company Boot Camp is a workshop and training that will whip your hair and or wig business into shape and help you reach your business goals. 


Are you ready to get your Hair Business where it needs to be?

Do you often ask yourself these questions:

" Why am I not making the money I want with my wigs ? "
"What type of products should I add?"
" Why are people looking but not buying?"

Do you make these statements:

" I want to sell my wigs at $650 and up, but no one will buy "
" I feel like my business is going no where "
" Im starting to think maybe the market is too saturated "

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